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Sue_Cusack Sue Cusack, Assistant Professor, Director
Sue Cusack is a faculty member at Lesley University in the Graduate School of Education. Her area of expertise is the inclusive use of instructional and assistive technologies in support of student learning. Sue has worked closely with urban school districts in Massachusetts to build capacity for the integration of technology in their curriculum using strategies that foster authentic, student-centered and culturally responsive opportunities for learning.
ALarkin Anne Larkin, Emeritus Faculty, Founding Partner
Dr. Anne Larkin has extensive experience in the areas of literacy, special education, and school and community partnership. She coordinated the Cambridge, MA chapter of Say Yes for 18 years. This profit program worked closely with youth in the Cambridge Public Schools from early elementary to support their successful transition into a post secondary academic experience.
KHanning Kreg Hanning, Technology Specialist
Kreg Hanning is our external consultant and Technology Specialist.  His background is in IT and is enrolled in a graduate program at the MIT Media Lab. Kreg has worked closely with the Lesley STEAM team to introduce computer programming through the use of the Scratch programming language, Bee-Bots, MakeyMakey, and the Raspberry Pi. He is extremely passionate about the use of free software to promote security, a deeper understanding of computing, and to help eliminate the digital divide.
Jacy-Edelman_WEB Jacy Edelman, Assistant Director
As the Assistant Director for Lesley STEAM Learning Lab at Lesley’s Graduate School of Education, Jacy co-facilitates coursework focused on STEAM integration and supports innovative technology integration through several public school partnerships. With a background in creative arts in learning and visual/media literacy, her work provides a bridge between creative computing and the creative arts. Things that get her buzzing are Scratch programming, Arduino wearables, design thinking, and digital making tools. Jacy believes in a participatory model of teaching and learning, working alongside teachers to co-develop curriculum that incorporates the design engineering process while remaining rooted in the standards. She is passionate about preparing teachers to be digitally savvy and confidently creative in their practice.