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Renaissance Community School faculty visit Lesley STEAM Learning Lab for maker mindset field trip

A group of teachers from New Bedford Public Schools interact with the MaKey MaKey and Scratch. They are connecting the MaKey MaKey alligator clips to brass fasteners on a map of the US and subsequently programming Scratch to trigger facts about each state or state capital.

Lesley STEAM Learning Lab welcomed the entire faculty and administration from the Renaissance Community School in New Bedford, Mass, for a full day interactive workshop. Based on the school’s desire to integrate standards-based making into the curriculum, Lesley STEAM developed a series of projects to engage the staff in collaborative problem solving and inquiry-based learning.

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Early education group visits from Nanjing, China

A group works together to develop a solution to the “Three Little Pigs” Novel Engineering challenge.

Over twenty early educators and directors from Nanjing, China, joined us in the Lesley makerspace for a daylong workshop on making in early childhood. Hosted by Lesley Associate Professor and Director of the Early Childhood Education Program, Yvonne Yihsing Liu-Constant, the group engaged in hands-on making projects throughout the day.

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Parent/professors as learners

The group of 2-10 year olds who visited the Lesley Makerspace this past Friday had a big task at hand: to teach their parents, professors in the Lesley Language and Literacy Division, how to create their own eBook.  Through this special gathering, we witnessed the unique flow of teaching and learning between child and parent.


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New teacher community gathers to make

On May 30th, 14 members of the Lesley New Teacher Community (NTC) gathered in the new Lesley Makerspace to experience hands-on STEAM activities. The group included new teachers from a range of grades and disciplines who were eager to discover these new tools for themselves.

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Cambridge Teachers Attend "Robot School"

Last Monday, one of Amy Moylan’s first grade parents came into her classroom to share her daughter’s excitement that “her teacher is going to robot school” and that the little girl couldn’t wait to use the robots in her classroom. Ms. Moylan, who teaches at the Amigos School, was one of 20 Cambridge Public School District (CPSD) teachers and specialists taking the “Make It Take It” robotics course facilitated by the Lesley team and CPSD Instructional Technology Specialist guru Ingrid Gustafson. The idea behind the class is that each Cambridge school was offered robotics kits with the intent of bringing robotics and programming into the classrooms. The workshop was taught in the Kennedy-Longfellow School (K-Lo) makerspace over the course of several days.

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