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MAEA 2016 – Artist as Maker/Maker as Artist

MAEA Prezi


Activity Handouts from Workshop

Sue Cusack, Jacy Edelman, and Maureen Creegan-Quinquis
Lesley University
MAEA 2016
November 13, 2016

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Mini Robotic Origami:
KLO Artventure – Pollock Bots:

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Stop Motion Monster Mashing

Fi9780062125941rst grade students explored color mixing in art class by creating their own stop motion animation videos. The stop motion center was just one of six centers set up by K-Lo art teacher Amanda Kilton. The other centers included an overhead projector color transparencies, stamp mixing, tissue paper collage, painting and a color-based book browsing table with titles like “Monsters Love Colors.”


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