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Teaming up to Tinker: Defending Play in Public Education

Teacher facilitates morse code jewelry activity
A partnership between Lesley’s Makerspace and Cambridge’s Tobin Montessori has reconceptualized science activities that explore sound, light, and digital waves through making. A collaborative team of Tobin Montessori teachers and the Lesley STEAM Learning Lab led a hands-on re-creation of elementary science activities and discussed how making inspires playful learning at Lesley University’s 2017 Community of Scholars Day.

Chladni Plates activity exploring vibration/frequency with sand
Upper Elementary Teachers Stacey DeSimone, Stefanie Gambino-Carter and Susan Grassey were joined by Tobin Montessori Resource Teacher, Erin Gutierrez, in sharing instructional moves that foster learning through tinkering and play.

Student designed morse code machin

Click the image below to download the sound challenges as a PDF:

Sound Challenges Flyer